For More than 20 years I have been working in the printing industry as a graphic designer and operator in the department for the prepress of catalogs and other print Media. In late 2017 i decided to start working independently as an artist for visual arts. First Exibitions took place in Paderborn 2018.

Moving near Hamburg in late 2018 i build up my own studio and gallery in Wischhafen. The intention of my work is to be versatile illustrated by my past exhibition “Hearing and Seeing”, a combination of visual Art und Pop Music.

In 2019 i will present the series of work “Rorschach 3D” and in 2020 a combination of paintings and Smelling.



Exhibition “Fibonacci, Licht & Farbe

8. Mai - 9. Juni 2018  

Stadtbibliothek Paderborn 


Exhibition “Hören und Sehen”

14. September - 30. September 2018

Raum für Kunst Paderborn


Exhibition “Rorschach”

5.April - 6.Mai 2019 

Soeki Art Galerie Paderborn


announcement 2020


“Seeing and Smelling”